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Easy Learn to Read Tarot Cards Step-by-Step

Step 1 - Take an Introduction to Developing your Intuition in Tarot - 7 Days to Meaningful Card Readings (short video course)

Your Intuition in Tarot - 7 Days to Meaningful Card Readings 7 Day Video Course

How to get clear, fast, easily-understandable answers to your questions and interpret your tarot cards with confidence and accuracy. Develop and Trust your Intuition so you know the best decisions for you to take.

This is a 7 day video course, which gives you a simple system for reading your tarot cards with any deck and getting meaningful answers, that you can use right now in your life and business.

Some of the topics covered are:

• A simple, easy to follow system that you can immediately use to INTERPRET any number of cards in a spread, using any tarot deck.
• Ask your QUESTIONS in a way that gives you a crystal clear answer in that moment – and understand what those answers mean for you.
• Recognise and Trust Your INTUITION with your cards, so you know immediately what the card is saying to you.

This is the same easy system I was first taught 20 years ago and which I have taught to all my students. It includes a brief overview of the card meanings I have used over the years.

The course is delivered over 7 days, so you receive a new video each day, with accompanying pdf handouts.

Only £7

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Step 2 - Fine Tune Your Intuition, Questioning and Interpetation Skills in Tarot with:

The fastest and easiest way to learn to read tarot cards by Amanda Goldston

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Read Tarot Cards - with ANY Deck (EBOOK and AUDIOS package)

This is a completely different approach to Learning to Read Tarot Cards and to Developing Your Intuition through Tarot Cards because it works on general, universal principles, rather than being specific to a particular deck. It is a simple system that can show you how your read your tarot cards and get the best answers from them – in minutes – without an in-depth understanding of all the pictures and symbols in the pictures.

Fastest Way to Learn to Read  Tarot Cards  Ebook and Audio Package.

Only £19.99

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Step 3 - Work with a Simple 5 Card Spread - 7 Day Video Course

This gives you information relating to Past, Present, Challenges and Obstacles, Helpful Influences and your likely Outcome (IF you don't make any changes).

5 Card Spread Video Course

How to Read 5 Card Spread in Tarot Cards

Easily interpret 5 cards together in a tarot spread, including challenging cards. This is a simple spread with 5 positions, so you can ask a question and get an immediate answer – that makes sense to you.

This 7 day video course will help you to:

  • Develop Your Intuition through Storytelling.
  • Understand the positions of the spread.
  • Have a working knowledge of the meanings of the cards that we use.
  • Discover how the meanings of cards can change depending on where they fall in the spread.
  • Know how to interpret challenging cards in positive positions and as an outcome.
  • Interpret positive cards in challenging positions.
  • Know how to get further clarification when the outcome seems unclear.

We will be working with questions and readings in the areas of:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Health

The course is delivered over 7 days, so you receive a new video each day. It includes downloadable pdf notes for each day, so you can refer to them.

Only £24.99 GBP

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Step 4 - Deepen Your Knowledge and Skills with the Easy Learn Tarot in-depth Audio Course

This programme has over 6 hours of detailed meanings on the cards in the Rider Waite deck. It includes all 3 of my ebooks, as well as "How to Read Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Deck of Tarot Cards." There are six different, practical spreads and over 4 hours of sample readings and practice readings.

easy learn tarot audio course with amanda goldston

Easy Learn Tarot Audio Course


Step 5- Personal Tuition with your own Readings

I am available to help you to interpret your own questions and your own readings, so that you get meaningful answers for yourself.

Personal Help with Your Readings


Learn Tarot Resources

I have created some resources to help you to Develop Your Intuition and to learn to read Tarot Cards for yourself. My books and courses give you a starting point with the meanings and definitions, so you can quickly develop your own.

They come in 3 easy formats, which are my BOOK- "Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot", an EBOOK by the same name and my AUDIO COURSE, which includes the ebook and over 6 hours of audio explanations of the cards, as well as sample readings.

Easy Learn Tarot Complete Audio Course

easy learn tarot audio course


Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Deck of Tarot Cardstarot reversals in the rider waite deck of tarot cards


Develop your Intuition in Tarot Ebook

devlop your intuition in tarot book



With Abundant Blessings
Amanda Goldston




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