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Tarot Card Reading

A tarot reading can give you clear information on a situation that has happened and is currently ongoing. It can show your attitudes, feelings and beliefs about the situation and can give you a likely outcome going forward IF nothing changes. The outcome is not fixed, as your future is not fixed – it is in your hands and you can create it as you choose.

A tarot reading can indicate potential opportunities and possibilities for you. They can also indicate the beliefs, blockages and fears that you might have to overcome in order to make the most of those opportunities. This can also be the challenges that are stopping you from taking action and It can show helpful and unhelpful influences from other people in this situation.

By then looking at alternate futures and asking questions such as "what would be the outcome if I did this?... or that? ... or if I changed this?.... or that?" you can then explore different options and make the best and most empowered decisions for you.

The reading can also offer some practical advice, guidance and resources of things that you can do right now to move the situation forward to either your desired outcome or to the outcome that is the for your highest and best good for the lessons you need to learn right now.

Please remember the cards cannot tell you what to do and cannot make decisions for you. Nothing is fixed and you have the ultimate choice and responsibility in the decisions and actions you take.

Ultimately it is up to you what you do with this information.

Situations rarely change on their own to your desired outcome. They might do, if the best outcome is simply to let go and walk away!  Normally, however, they require some input, decisions and actions from you to move them forward.

60 -90 Minute In-depth Intuitive, Psychic Tarot Reading in Person, by Email or by Phone or by Skype

All Readings are recorded.

Please keep email readings to a maximum of FIVE clearly defined questions.

Only £125 GBP

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Past Lives Tarot Card Reading

In this Past Lives Reading, we look at the CHALLENGES that you might have brought with you in your mind, body, spirit and energy field from past lives, across any time and space. These can show as difficulties and problems in your current lifetime that seem to have a life of their own.

Within those CHALLENGES are lessons to be learnt and obstacles to rise above.

Past Lives also gave you some of your Greatest GIFTS and TALENTS. Through the reading we can highlight these GIFTS and how to fully express them in your life.

We can also look at any VOWS that you might have taken at some point in a past lifetime, which might be hampering or helping you in this lifetime.

The reading looks at ways in which you can rise above your CHALLENGES and expand and enhance your GIFTS, so you can live a more fulfilled life in this lifetime.

It also gives information on the biggest question of them all - "What is my Purpose on this Earth in this lifetime?"

Yes, we really can pull out all this information for you in a reading.

Should you require clearing work and coaching after your reading, we can arrange that as an additional session by separate negotiation.

60 -90 Minute In -Depth Past Lives Tarot Reading in Person, by Email or by Phone or by Skype

Only £125 GBP




Inspiration Card Reading

Tap into the gentle wisdom of these beautiful healing Inspiration Cards.  There are amazing photographs from Inspirational Photographer Gregory Goldston who has a wonderful talent to capture the beauty, power, inspiration, healing power and sheer awesomeness from everything he photographs This is especially from the land and the sea and from the  earth, air, fire and water. Let the gentle yet profound cards guide you to tap into your own wisdom to find your inner guidance and to inspire you to a solution that is connected your infinite spirit and being and that is grounded in the energies of the supportive Mother Earth.

60 -90 Minute Reading In-depth Inspiration Card Reading in Person, by Email or by Phone or by Skype

All Readings are recorded

Please keep email readings to a maximum of FIVE clearly defined questions.

Only £125 GBP


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Channelled Guidance

When I do a reading, I ask your question of the cards, lay them out in a spread, connect to a place of highest love, highest truth and highest, connect to my angels and guides, ask to be connected to your angels and guides and channel the information and guidance from those places directly to you. I also ask that your angels and guides connect to you – which is the bit that is often missing – so that you can also directly receive any additional guidance and information that they may have for you.

Once I have made those connections, I channel the information and give it to you exactly has it is given to me.

I tune into the energies of highest love, light and guidance, to develop your intuition to the next level, to recognise your own divinity!


Readings by skype or by email

Readings can be by email or by skype. By email, once you have made your payment, please send me your questions and I will aim to have your reading back to you within 48-72 hours, allowing for time zone differences.

By skype, your reading will be recorded and sent to you as an mp3. Once you have made your payment, please contact me by email, so we can set up a mutual date and time for your reading. I am in the UK, which is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or British Summer Time.


Please Note: There are NO REFUNDS and NO CHARGEBACKS with this service. If you are not happy with your reading, then please tell me at the time and I will do my best to put that right for you.

Please DO NOT book a reading and then claim that the payment was Unauthorized because this causes a lot more damage than you realise.


Guidance on asking questions :

Please avoid – Will I / Won’t I questions as that implies that your future is fixed and you just need to show up! – and this is not the case!

Should I / Shouldn’t I are also not very helpful.

Questions that are phrased to require a Yes/No answer are not helpful because most questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, as there often other factors that are helpful or unhelpful which mean that part of the answer may be YES and part may be NO.

You will get the best responses by asking about YOU and what YOU can do about a situation. Asking about other people and what they are likely to do or not do is not helpful, as you may not have that person’s permission to access that information and other people have their own free will and can change their mind!

Best type of questions are – What would be the outcome if I did ….?
What is in my highest and best good to do?
What do I need to know or to do to move this situation forward to my desired outcome?
What lessons do I need to learn from what has happened?
What is the likely outcome of this situation IF nothing changes?




VIP Transformation BreakThrough Day

Readings will often identify beliefs, fears, attitudes and blockages which are standing in the way of you achieving the success that you desire and which also stop you from taking full advantage of the opportunities that often show up in your reading.

It is beyond the scope of a reading to clear those beliefs, fears and energies.

Many of these blockages are often to do with self-worth, self-value, self-liking, confidence and belief in yourself and your whole sense of BEING, who you are and being able to shine your light of brilliance and magnificence out into the world.

This is where a Personal VIP Transformation Day comes in.
This can be done in person if you are willing to travel to me or it can be done over skype.

We can look at the beliefs, fears, energies and blockages in more detail and we can clear them. I have seen quite remarkable transformations take place over the course of a day!

Yes, life-changing transformation can be that rapid – IF you are prepared to release all the old, non-serving stuff and step into your power and your greatness. Your transformation is your responsibility. I do not do anything to you to change you. I offer you some incredibly powerful transformation processes, which have worked like magic for numerous other people and they can work for you, if you are willing to allow them to work for you.

VIP Transformation Breakthrough Days are also available for exploring the Challenges and Gifts that have come from PAST LIVES


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VIP Personal Transformation Day

£995 GBP



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