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Amanda Goldston
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Help with Your Tarot Interpretations

Do you get stuck with interpreting two or more cards together in a spread?
Do you wonder what it means when you have positive cards in challenging positions?
Do you lay your cards in your spreads and wonder what on earth it all means?
Do you look up the meanings of the cards and still feel just as confused?

I can help.

Do you ever wish you had someone experienced looking over your shoulder to say, “this is what those cards mean?”

I have a Reading and Interpretation service to help you with your own questions, with your spreads, your readings and your cards.

Two options:

  1. You can send me your reading that you have done for yourself, with details of the spread you used and the cards you got. I will then interpret it for you and email it back to you. You can do this one reading at a time or up to three readings and three spreads. Interpretation by Email from me

  2. We can have a skype conversation or we can use google hangouts on up to three of your readings and spreads. I will help you to interpret the cards, so we can talk through the cards, positions and meanings together. I can show you ways to tap into your own intuition so you feel comfortable with your own readings. This is more of  Personal Tarot Coaching and Help

One Question/ Spread / Reading by email or skype is £40 GBP by email

Three Questions/Readings/Spreads is £125 GBP available by email/skype

As a guide 3 readings/spreads/questions will take 60 -90 minutes.





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