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Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards

tart card reversals by amanda goldston


What do you do when you get Reversed Cards come in a Tarot Spread?

Some people ignore them completely and treat them as if they were the same as upright cards. Other people always make sure that there reversed cards in the deck before they do a reading, although I think the danger with that approach is that you don’t know whether the Reversed Cards belong to your client or were left over from a previous reading.

I tend to make sure that all the cards are in the Upright position before giving them to a client to shuffle, so that any Reversed Cards that come up are because they were meant to for that client and are significant for them.

Are Reversed Cards just an energetic blockage of the Upright?

I have heard people say that Reversed Cards are merely an energetic blockage of the Upright card and to some extent that is true.

However some cards can actually be more constructive and helpful in the Reversed position than they are in the Upright position. I have found this to be true of cards such as the Devil Reversed or the 5 of Pentacles Reversed.

devil reversed tarot card

Sometimes Tarot cards in the Reversed positions seem to almost take on a meaning of their own that is connected to but different from the cards in the Upright position. It is not always just an opposite meaning, sometimes there is much more to it.

Reversed Cards with their own Meaning

I have always taught people to look at the card, study the picture, notice what is going on, observe the colours, symbols, shapes and the relationship of people to the scene and then to be aware of any feelings that come up as you do that.

As I started to really do that with the Reversed cards, I noticed a lot more subtle differences and some of the cards looked completely different in the Reversed position and you could see things in the card, in the Reversed position, that are not obvious in the Upright position.

Pamela Coleman Smith, who designed the Rider Waite Smith deck of cards in 1905, was certainly a very talented artist with a great ability to create meaning from the smallest details.

7 of pentacles reversed tarot card

All the Reversed Meanings of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

In my new book “Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards” I explore all the Reversed cards and show you how to interpret them. I give you Quick Keywords for each card, as well as a more in-depth explanation of each card in the Reversed position to get you started.

When you look at the cards as different entities, rather than just a blockage of the upright card, you open your readings up to a whole new level because you are now essentially working with 156 different cards and energies instead of 78. It opens up a whole new level of possibilities to help and serve your clients.

Each explanation is fully illustrated with the colour card, so that you can see exactly what you are looking at.

I have included some Keywords for the Upright cards, so you can quickly see the differences between the Upright and Reversed Meanings.

Sample spreads

In this brand new book, I give you some sample spreads of combinations of cards in the Upright and Reversed positions, so that you can see how the meanings of the cards change from the Upright position to the Reversed position and how this affects your whole reading.

Downloadable Ebook

Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cardsis currently available as a downloadable ebook, so you can be using it and enjoying it within minutes of me receiving your payment.

There are over 150 pages of Meanings of the Reversed Cards in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards, as well as sample interactions, sample spreads and tips on asking the best questions to get the most useful answers and ways to really tap into your Higher Wisdom and Intuition.

Special Introductory Price and lifetime FREE Upgrades

As this ebook is just being launched, I would appreciate any feedback on it, as to what else you might like to see in it or other information that you would like, so that I can include that in future editions.

As a thank you for your feedback, I would like to offer to a Special Introductory Offer Price and also send you free Upgrades for life on the ebook version of this book.




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