New Video Course

I am really pleased and delighted to announce my new Complete Video Course:

In-depth, Complete Video Course

This course includes:

  • Videos on all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana in both Upright and Reversed Positions
  • Written notes on all the cards
  • Spreads and how to interpret them, including Celtic Cross, 21 Card Romany Spread and Astrology Spread with notes and Sample Readings
  • Detailed explanation of 5 card spread and how to use it for quick and effective readings
  • How to Ask Questions to Get the Best Results
  • How to Develop Your Intuition for better card readings
  • How to Interpret more than one card together
  • How to use the Art of STORYTELLING, so you can quickly interpret the card meanings without needing to remember all of the meanings

There are over 100 videos in this course, amounting to over 10 hours of meanings, interpretations and spreads. It includes everything you need to know to quickly and easily Learn to Read Your Tarot Cards.

As a BONUS, it includes the complete Audio Recordings of my Book, The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn to Read Tarot Cards – with ANY deck, which is another 4 hours of recordings.

Complete Tarot Video Course

With abundant blessings.

Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author and Teacher

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How to Read 5 Card Spread in Tarot Cards

Quickly Interpret 5 Cards in Different Positions in a Spread

Easily interpret 5 cards together in a tarot spread, including challenging cards. This is a simple spread with 5 positions, so you can ask a question and get an immediate answer – that makes sense to you.

This 7 day video course will help you to:

  • Develop Your Intuition through Storytelling.
  • Understand the positions of the spread.
  • Have a working knowledge of the meanings of the cards that we use.
  • Discover how the meanings of cards can change depending on where they fall in the spread.
  • Know how to interpret challenging cards in positive positions and as an outcome.
  • Interpret positive cards in challenging positions.
  • Know how to get further clarification when the outcome seems unclear.

We will be working with questions and readings in the areas of:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Health

The course is delivered over 7 days, so you receive a new video each day. It includes downloadable pdf notes for each day, so you can refer to them.

Only $11 USD

To Order in GBP £££ Click Here

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My brand new Programme – Your Intuition in Tarot – 7 Days to Meaningful Card Readings Video Course

Interpretation, Intuition and Questions

How to get clear, fast, easily-understandable, answers to your questions and interpret your tarot cards with confidence and accuracy. Develop and Trust your Intuition so you know the best decisions for you to take.

This is a 7 day video course gives you a simple system for reading your tarot cards with any deck and getting meaningful answers that you use right now in your life and business.

Some of the topics covered are: .

  • A simple, easy to follow system that you can immediately use to INTERPRET any number of cards in a spread, using any tarot deck
  • Ask your QUESTIONS in a way that gives you a crystal clear answer in that moment – and understand what those answers mean for you.
  • Recognise and Trust Your INTUITION with your cards so you know immediately what the card is saying to you.

This is the same easy system I easy system I was first taught 20 years ago and which I have taught to all my students. It includes a brief overview of the meanings of the cards I have used over the years.

The course is delivered over 7 days, so you receive a new video each day, with accompanying pdf handouts.

Only £7 GBP

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Eight of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day

8 of wands tarot card from rider Waite Smith deck of cards

Things are happening very rapidly for you at the moment.

It is a time to take action and move forward speedily with a project. This might mean taking action with what you have right now. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Take advantage of opportunities that are around you now. You can always come back and make changes if you need to.

This often indicates a period of waiting is coming to an end and the time is right for change. It is a card of satisfaction and success and circumstances wanting to move forward.

You have probably been thinking and dreaming about a plan or an idea, which is signified by the wands in the air. They are coming down to land on the Earth. Opportunities are popping up everywhere for you.

Now is a good time to come down to earth and take action because things will move rapidly for you. The ideas are coming out of the air and are being grounded into reality, however they do require you to take some action.

Wands are cards that represent action that is backed by passion and enthusiasm. This is what causes the green shoots of new life to sprout from the wands.

This can also be a good time to celebrate the successes of a past project and move onto something new.

Have a wonderful day.
Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author and Coach

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The Emperor – Card of the Day

Card of the Day 23rd March – The Emperor

The Emperor from the Rider Waite deck

This is a card of strong male energy and authority. This is a day to “Get stuff done!” Get organised, get focused and take action on the tasks you need to do. Be disciplined and structured and do your tasks one at a time until they are complete. Make your commanding presence felt in the world today.

The Emperor is a strong figure with an air of authority. It might represent a male figure or a father figure, although it can equally well represent a strong woman, who is operating from her masculine energies.

This card asks you to be a leader, to step into your power and be proud of who you are. It asks you to look at your positive qualities of persistence, determination and willpower in accomplishing your goals.

It also asks you to look at the rules and rituals that you have for yourself and for other people. Are they supporting you in getting to where you want to go or are those rules too rigid and inflexible to be workable?

This card is asking you to make sure that you take enough action to accomplish your goals, however don’t get overwhelmed or burn yourself out.

Have a great day.

Amanda Goldston

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