About Amanda

I graduated from Salford University in UK with a degree in Modern Languages and after struggling to get a “job”, I gravitated towards sales and ended up as one of the top sales reps in a large national window and conservatory company, where I worked for 6 ½ years.

As a successful female in a highly male dominated industry I was on the receiving end of a lot of jealousy and highly destructive energies.

Learning how to protect my energies was one of the first things I learnt and now teach others to do.

This led to my interest in astrology, the power of names and numbers as well as a keen interest in energy healing and the awesome power of our thoughts in creating our lives.
I first learnt how to read the Tarot cards in 1993 and found that my natural psychic and intuitive abilities increased very quickly. I started with the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot cards and I have stayed with that deck, as it is hugely rich in symbolism and layers of meaning.

I have used Tarot cards extensively in my Changing Lives Coaching Practice to help my clients to quickly and easily identify and clear Limiting Beliefs, as well as to develop Intuition and Creative Problem Solving abilities.

Through my books and programmes, I now teach others how to read and use Tarot Cards to tap into their own Magnificence.

I am the Author of “Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot” and “Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Cards.”

I live in Tamworth, in the Midlands, UK. I am happily married to Greg, my best friend for over 20 years. We have two beautiful daughters, whom we home-educate.

Greg is a talented, inspirational photographer and he helps me with all the technical side of my business.