Eight of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day

8 of wands tarot card from rider Waite Smith deck of cards

Things are happening very rapidly for you at the moment.

It is a time to take action and move forward speedily with a project. This might mean taking action with what you have right now. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Take advantage of opportunities that are around you now. You can always come back and make changes if you need to.

This often indicates a period of waiting is coming to an end and the time is right for change. It is a card of satisfaction and success and circumstances wanting to move forward.

You have probably been thinking and dreaming about a plan or an idea, which is signified by the wands in the air. They are coming down to land on the Earth. Opportunities are popping up everywhere for you.

Now is a good time to come down to earth and take action because things will move rapidly for you. The ideas are coming out of the air and are being grounded into reality, however they do require you to take some action.

Wands are cards that represent action that is backed by passion and enthusiasm. This is what causes the green shoots of new life to sprout from the wands.

This can also be a good time to celebrate the successes of a past project and move onto something new.

Have a wonderful day.
Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author and Coach

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