My brand new Programme – Your Intuition in Tarot – 7 Days to Meaningful Card Readings Video Course

Interpretation, Intuition and Questions

How to get clear, fast, easily-understandable, answers to your questions and interpret your tarot cards with confidence and accuracy. Develop and Trust your Intuition so you know the best decisions for you to take.

This is a 7 day video course gives you a simple system for reading your tarot cards with any deck and getting meaningful answers that you use right now in your life and business.

Some of the topics covered are: .

  • A simple, easy to follow system that you can immediately use to INTERPRET any number of cards in a spread, using any tarot deck
  • Ask your QUESTIONS in a way that gives you a crystal clear answer in that moment – and understand what those answers mean for you.
  • Recognise and Trust Your INTUITION with your cards so you know immediately what the card is saying to you.

This is the same easy system I easy system I was first taught 20 years ago and which I have taught to all my students. It includes a brief overview of the meanings of the cards I have used over the years.

The course is delivered over 7 days, so you receive a new video each day, with accompanying pdf handouts.

Only £7 GBP

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About Amanda

I am a UK based Tarot Author and Coach, with over 20 years experience of reading tarot cards. Through my online and offline courses, books and programmes, I teach people how to read tarot cards for themselves for fun and personal growth. I show people how to read tarot cards in order to develop Intuition and Creativity, understand themselves and others and develop empowered decision making skills. You can see all my products and services, as well as enjoy a free online card of the day Tarot Card Reading on my website:
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