The Emperor – Card of the Day

Card of the Day 23rd March – The Emperor

The Emperor from the Rider Waite deck

This is a card of strong male energy and authority. This is a day to “Get stuff done!” Get organised, get focused and take action on the tasks you need to do. Be disciplined and structured and do your tasks one at a time until they are complete. Make your commanding presence felt in the world today.

The Emperor is a strong figure with an air of authority. It might represent a male figure or a father figure, although it can equally well represent a strong woman, who is operating from her masculine energies.

This card asks you to be a leader, to step into your power and be proud of who you are. It asks you to look at your positive qualities of persistence, determination and willpower in accomplishing your goals.

It also asks you to look at the rules and rituals that you have for yourself and for other people. Are they supporting you in getting to where you want to go or are those rules too rigid and inflexible to be workable?

This card is asking you to make sure that you take enough action to accomplish your goals, however don’t get overwhelmed or burn yourself out.

Have a great day.

Amanda Goldston

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