The Power of Doom and Gloom Predictions in Tarot Readings

Doom and Gloom, Death, Accidents and Destruction Predictions can have a very powerful effect on a person’s subconscious mind and can set up a power of attraction that draws that event into a person’s life.

Many people give Tarot Readers the same sort of elevated power as they would give their doctor. If their doctor tells them they have six months to live, they believe it, take it on board and almost to the day and sometimes to the minute, they obediently drop dead.

People often take the comments of tarot readers in the same way. A tarot reader said they were going to have an accident or get hit by a red bus or contract some mysterious disease and they do.

This is not because that accident or event was pre-planned, part of their fate or destiny and was going to happen anyway. It is because a powerful seed was planted in that person’s mind from a tarot reader, that they believed and trusted and gave their power to.

Although it might have been forgotten consciously, the subconscious mind heard the request, accompanied by some very strong emotions, and set to work to find ways to deliver it – right on cue.

The Life Destroying Effect of Negative Predictions

I had an experience of the power of negative predictions not long after I started reading and the impact of it has stayed with me for nearly 20 years.

I was doing readings at an antiques/ craft fair. Late in the afternoon, a gentleman in his 60s sat down for a reading. He looked very distressed and upset. He did not really want a reading- he just wanted someone to talk to.

He told me that he had just come from visiting his wife in a nursing home. I felt cold shivers run up my spine because I had a pretty good idea of what he was about to tell me.

A few years previous he and his wife had been a very active couple, in their early 60s. They were very close and used to do a lot of dancing. Then one day, his wife a reading from a very irresponsible tarot reader who told this lady that within 2 years, she would be paralyzed from the waist down and would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Guess what happened!

Virtually to the day, the lady had a stroke and was told she would never walk again. She was told she would spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair and would need to go into a nursing home, where she could receive 24 hour care.

Was that pre-destined?

I don’t think so. The lady took on board what the tarot reader had said and her subconscious mind did the rest.

I get so angry when I hear stories like that because that tarot reader contributed to ruining that lady’s life. That reader had no right to do that.

Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour is still very common because it gives tarot readers some sort of power trip and they seem to get some sort of kick out of ruining people’s lives.

As you can probably tell, this gets me really angry because it is so unnecessary.

When you learn to read tarot cards for yourself, you can stop this kind of nonsense. You can receive your own information for yourself. If you do read for other people, you can use your readings for empowerment, rather than destruction.

As a tarot reader, your words are very powerful!

Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author and Coach

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2 Responses to The Power of Doom and Gloom Predictions in Tarot Readings

  1. Rachel says:

    I agree..One friend had a reading many years ago where she was told she wouldn’t have another relationship in later life. She has hung onto that and often says I’m not supposed to have another relationship and so far, hasn’t!

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Rachel
    It is so sad when that happens to people. That is the opinion of one tarot reader and it is just that – one person’s opinion. It is not a fixed fact, although your friend has taken it as such. There are exercises that your freind can do to reclaim her personal power and to cut the ties to the opinion of that reader.

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