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Tarot Coaching Testimonials

path hicks

Pat Hicks

Dear Amanda,

I must admit to you that I was dubious about one coaching session having an impact on my life.

What happened for me was not only beyond my expectations but truly, was life changing, and I don’t use that term flippantly.

After our coaching session, it was if an internal dam had been removed. One that I had a feeling was there, but had no idea where it was located or how to remove it. And, had it not been for our session, I know would still be there, frustrating and limiting me forever.

As a result of your coaching, here is what happened to me. Within one week I moved from, not being able to establish one outlet for a product line I had been trying to promote, to having 27 different outlets. In addition, the energy, happiness and peace of mind that I have experienced has spilled over to all of my relationships, including but not limited to my family.

I have never had this kind of complete assuredness of purpose and confidence in my life. And if anyone wants to ask me about what they can accomplish with you, please don’t hesitate to refer them to me.

Your friend and successful coaching client,

Pat Hicks


Amanda, The session with you was just awesome! You have a way with people that is so caring and the meditations we did through the sessions are extremely powerful. Having those to come back to - as a sort of touchstone - is very useful.

Now, I am focused more on the tasks that are most important versus busy-work and, not to be too Pollyanna about it, but the whole world just seems brighter.

This shift I experienced was subtle, but I believe that has been even more powerful than a blinding-light type of shift. In fact, perhaps the more subtle it SEEMS the more ingrained it actually IS.

Changing that one limiting belief through the session with you is having a lasting impact and I would strongly recommend your coaching to anyone looking to change their life for the better!

Kate Fowler


ken maclean

Ken MacLean

Amanda, thank you so much!
During my three coaching sessions  with Amanda, I blew off TONS of emotional charge and had so many realizations that I can't even remember them all.

Being a trained counselor myself in Traumatic Incident Reduction, and having had hundreds of hours of counseling myself, I can assure you that Amanda knows what she's doing.
I was also amazed at her intuitive insight. She got right to the core of the problem within the first 10 minutes!

I would highly recommend Amanda's coaching services if you really want to make directed progress.
Kenneth MacLean


Amanda, I’d like to take this opportunity to simply say, “Thank you.” Before our coaching session, a project I’ve been working on for months was dead in the water.

There was a block in me that that I couldn’t identify, and it was barring my way to success. After coaching with you, things simply began to flow.

While coaching with you, a seemingly insignificant incident from my childhood came to my mind, and, once that incident was resolved, things changed rapidly. It was as if I had reclaimed my personal power in an important area of my life after giving it away for a very long time.

buz mcguire

Buz McGuire
The Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative

And here’s the truly amazing thing: I’ve always been a positive thinker, and I’ve always believed in taking control of my own destiny. If anyone had told me that I had issues from my past that hampered my present, I never would have believed it. I would have just thought that I needed to work harder.

But you coached me into a real breakthrough without hard work. Now, my project is flowing into fruition, and abundance is showing up in all areas of my life. This just goes to show that even people in the self-development business can make needed strides with the right coach.

And you are certainly the right coach.
Thanks again!
Buz McGuire


Really, when I was prepping for my sessions with Amanda I had no idea what to expect. What I did know was that I had become “stuck.” Stuck in old patterns and I was unable then to think outside of a very small box. Getting unstuck was the challenge. I had become so caught up in the why’s that I had found myself in a never ending spiral. And that spiral was going downward.

I knew, however that there would be things revealed during our session that would get me to the next stage and help me to move forward. Amanda and I had worked together before so I kind of knew in a way what was about to happen.

Well I was wrong, our session lasted for over two hours. It was far more than I could have imagined. She initially asked me if I want ed to do shorter sessions and I told her no lets just go with the flow. I knew from personal experience that when I started down one of these roads that some amazing things usually happened.

And I was right. The information revealed and the releasing that was brought about during my it session with Amanda were nothing short of monumental for me.

Beliefs about myself that I had held on to so tightly for years virtually melted away. It was a one of the greatest experiences, I can’t recommend this program and Amanda enough enough.

I know this will all sound so over the top but for me this was an experience that opened me up again after being shut down for an extended period of time. Releasing some of the old beliefs launched me forward.

Thanks Amanda, from the bottom of my heart.

Paul McIntosh


elly yule
Elly Yule, CIO

There are times when a ‘coach’ needs a coach. Despite being on a self developmental pathway for nearly 30 years and being trained in many therapeutic and healing disciplines, my own strong mind and stubborn will can still get in my way, I thought if Amanda can crack a tough nut like me then she can help anybody!

Amanda’s CHANGING LIVES programme was exactly what I needed. As well as the telesessions, I really enjoyed the meditations and visualisations she sent for me to work with and found the ‘Create Your Ideal Day’ workbook a valuable tool that I can use over and over.

Amanda establishes trust easily and effortlessly and creates a wonderful safe space that allows much to occur. The creative process that unfolded during our sessions revealed so much that was surprising, helpful and healing. Amanda’s intuition was spot on with so many things and really helped to steer the sessions in the right way. (As an intuitive myself, I found this very helpful and I really appreciated the e-mail support between sessions).

By the end of the programme, I was re-energised and more excited about my work than I have been in months. My state of overwhelm turned into something more structured and I now have a great plan to work with that I am very excited about. I feel so much happier than I have done in a very long time (even my husband has noticed the difference in me) and amazingly I have shifted several pounds in weight, I now have a waist again and my stomach is flatter (it seems I was holding onto my stress in those areas).

I would highly recommend CHANGING LIVES to anyone who feels stuck or has reached a plateau in their lives and wants to move on. I know I will definitely be contacting Amanda again in the future when I need another session. As Amanda says it’s all about “making an investment in yourself”, I can assure you that it is worth every cent.


My husband, Greg Goldston, is an amazingly talented photographer, although has only partially believed that. For a long time, Greg had been really critical of his photographs and always said that nothing was really ever good enough to sell or to put forward to magazines for features.

He suffered from chronic procrastination, lack of focus and never finishing what he started.

What we discovered was a huge fear of failure and a belief that "nothing I do will ever be good enough."

We went back to the event where this belief was first created. we cleared it and healed it, then took a journey into the future.

What happened next totally blew me away. Greg got up the following day and checked out a photography agency that he had been meaning to look at for months.

He then proceeded to organize and catalogue all of his 10,000+ photographs, so he knew exactly where everything was. This means he can now find pictures immediately for competitions, features and as are required to sell.

That is a major breakthrough!

He has just sold one of his pictures to be on the cover of one of the prestigious Ordnance Survey Maps for the South West of England over £250 ($500)

And to make that even sweeter, it is a photograph that one of the judges for a photo competition in Greg's local camera club did not think was very good. Ha!

gregory goldston

Greg Goldston



Amanda Goldston is my spiritual coach in the physical world.    She helped me when I most needed to “break through”. I am so impressive that my ideal results happened easily and quickly.

 Since then my life and career have continuously moved on to a higher level after a very short period of her efficient coaching.

We always work with lots of laughter and with great results. She is smart and quick minded, caring and patient, humbled and grateful, wise with good sense of humor.  Most of all, she has tremendous knowledge and experiences in business world. 

CHU, JiaLing LC





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