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THE EMPEROR in The RIDER WAITE Deck of Tarot Cards

How to read the emperor tarot card in the major arcana of the rider waite tarot


Quick Keywords

External power, authority, strength, fairness, father figure, male energy, government and worldly power, leadership, will power, self-control acquired through experience, discipline, stately, commanding, executive, traditional, inflexible, rules, conventions,  male energy.


Dominant Colours are Red and Orange.
Red is colour of the base chakra, represents energy, fire, making things happen, material power and strength. Red is the colour of Aries, a fire sign.
Orange- power, authority, outer strength, orange mountains.


Egyptian ankh- symbol of life, health, happiness and immortality, holder has total power of life and death.
The Orb and Sceptre symbol of power and authority.
Rams Heads on throne- sign of Aries, God of War.
Long grey beard –wisdom of ages and experience.
Armour- warrior, form of defence (physical or psychological).


As a person, often means a person with authority such as a doctor or lawyer.  It is also about making your physical presence and mark in the world.

It represents external power, strength and presence without a need to be showy.

It can also point towards very strong male energy and a father type figure. This is someone where rules, discipline and structure are very important and are rigorously imposed on everyone else.

With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston



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